heredity and environment pdf

heredity and environment pdf

Child Development and Pedagogy

heredity and environment pdf
heredity and environment pdf

Importance of inheritance and environment - Child development and pedagogy
Inheritance and environment - When physical and mental properties are transferred from one generation to another, we are called "inheritance or genetic" properties. In this way, the child also gets the qualities of his ancestors.

So it is often seen that the children of intelligent parents are normal and normal children of normal parents. But exceptions have been found in this definition. Therefore, the principle of inheritance and heredity states that the child is likely to have the qualities of ancestors other than his parents. Therefore it is not necessary that the children of common parents should also be normal, that is, they can also be intelligent.

Definition of inheritance

1- According to Thornadike - "Heredity is the cause of the child's basic powers."

2- B-N-Xha - According to - "Inheritance is the absolute sum of a person's inborn characteristics."

3 - According to Peterson - "The characteristics that parents and ancestors get, we call it inheritance.

4 - According to James Drever - "When a child transfers the qualities and characteristics of his parents, we call him" inheritance ".

Importance of inheritance

If a child is predecessor - no person is intelligent from the uncle's side or uncle's side. That child - even if he gets the "best of the best" atmosphere - will be able to move up to a limit.

➤ Sometimes we see that - even if the child gets a good environment, stealing in those children -, cruelty, etc. is found. The reason for this is the inheritance of the child.

Overall - Based on the above facts, we can say that - Inheritance and environment contribute equally to the development of the child. That is, the environment and inheritance factors of the child complement each other. In which more or less any single factor affects the development of the child equally.

Question 1 - What are the qualities that children receive from parents?

Answer - The qualities that children receive from parents - are called "inheritance".

Question 2 - "Cramming any topic" is not a symptom of which child?

Answer - By rote on any topic - "Wise child" is not a symptom.

Question 3 - If we keep two twin boys in two different places. In which one child gets the atmosphere of religion, culture, and culture, then the same distance and the other child gets - the details of superstition and conservatism. So when both children grow up, which will be the most influential factor in their thoughts?

Answer - In this case, the most affecting factor for those children will be their "cultural factor". That is, culturally those children will be completely different from each other.

Question 4 - Statements - What is the child doing? And why is it not developing? How can one answer or explain this question?

Answer - To answer this question correctly - it is mandatory to study the inheritance and environment of the child. Because only after this information related to the child can be obtained.

Question 5 - What is the basic conductor of heredity?

Answer - The basic conductors of heredity are "genes".

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