child development and pedagogy pdf in english

child development and pedagogy pdf in english



child development and pedagogy pdf in english
child development and pedagogy pdf in english

(1) According to Harlock, "All those means of communication come in language. In which thoughts and feelings are made symbolic. So that our thoughts and feelings can be said in full meaning."

 (2) According to Skinner ^ "The process of language development can be simplified by contract".

(3) According to Chomsky, "➨" children learn to construct sentences by simulating certain rules from a fixed number of words. These words create new sentences and words.

"The rules under which children construct these sentences have been given by" Chomsky "as the noun" generative grammar ".

(3) According to Smith, Lovell, and Markle ➨ "Children who are ill for a long period of time have slow language development, and language development is weak". So the better the health of the children, the faster the language development. Is as fast as 4 "

 (4) According to Harlock ➨ "Children who have high intellectual level (iq), language development is better than those with lower intelligence."

(5) According to Spiker and Irwin "There is a close relationship between intelligence and language competence."

(6) According to Terman, Fisher and Yamba "Children of high intelligence have more pronunciation and vocabulary".

(7) According to Gasil and Jarshield ➨ "Babies of high class (high in social and economic status) learn to speak quickly, speak more, and their pronunciation is pure."

(8) Einstein, Davis and Skrills psychologists - "studied orphans and found that the language development is relatively less in those children, as well as their storage of words is less." In addition, they also saw that in rural areas The "literal ability" of children studying is relatively less than children studying in urban or elsewhere. "

(9) According to Irwin and Chen ➨ "There is no difference in the language of boys and girls in the first year, but from the second year the capacity of the girls exceeds that of the boys."

(10) While training the language "according to Harlock", care should be taken to see whether the required maturity of the children has been reached or not.

Key Principles of Child Development PDF Download

(11) According to _Izranek and his companions ➨ "As a functional definition, contemplation establishes order in the world of things, establishing this arrangement is related to the objects, and also the symbolism of the world of things." The system of relations and symbolic relations among things is also contemplated.

(12) According to Collins and Drever ➨ "contemplation is called conscious adjustment to the environment of the living body विचार In this way, thoughts can be clearly at the mental level, such as - ejaculatory and afferent Ι".

(13) According to Piagai बालक "The tendency of the child is" autism "till the age of about 7 years. Therefore, the child is more concerned about his own thinking, he lacks rationality in contemplation of this stage.

 (14) Budworth (1954) ^ Budworth calls both types of thinking - imaginative thinking and reflective thinking "thoughtful thinking".

(15) According to Rayburn, "imitation is a copy of the external behavior of another person".

(16) According to Crow and Crow, "The ability of a child to contemplate is the fundamental basis of his successful life".

(17) Discovery of difference between women and men - "The discovery of difference between women and men" was "McNemar and Termer".

(1) Physical factor - Under the physical factor comes the "natural and geographical" conditions of the child.

→ Places where winter falls - People there are beautiful, fair, healthy and intelligent. There is also more patience inside these children.

Vice versa

→ Places that are hot - the people there - dark, irritable, aggressive.

(2) Social factors - Social factors - of the child - affect physical development, mental development, emotional development, intellectual development etc. The following points are included under social development.

Various theories of development

→ How is the life of the child's family and society?

→ What kind of traditions or beliefs do they consider people?

Thus, we can say that in any child's life their "sociality" has a great impact. Because if the society is good or bad, it will definitely affect the child.

(3) Economic status - How is the economic condition of the child, its effect on his development must be there. Because the children of weak economic condition develop from different classes. Children with the same strong economic condition develop from a different industry.

(i) The following characteristics are found in children with weak economic status.

→ Maximum body development is seen in children with weak economic condition. The reason for this is that - they are unable to eat "nutritious food".

→ Children with weak economic status suffer from "inferiority complex". The reason for this is that they cannot get what they have with other people in their surroundings. Due to which their level of "inferiority complex" increases.

→ The weak financial condition of the child prevents him from playing like other children, taking things like, eating favorite food etc. For this reason, the sense of despair in these children becomes permanent.

Note- How will the intellectual capacity of any child? Or how will the social development of the child be? The maximum determination of this also depends on the "economic" status of the child.

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