Child centered education

Child centered education


Child centered education
Child centered education

Child Development and Education


Child centered education system

  Child centric education system refers to such education system, which is given by keeping the child in the center. In child education system, education is imparted keeping in mind all the problems related to child and child.

Benefits of child centered education
Child centric education method has various benefits.

 If you look at it from the point of view of the child, it is emphasized to teach the child according to his nature. 

Also, instead of putting pressure on the child for education, it is said to change the teaching method. 

In child-centered education system, teacher attempts to teach the child accordingly and remedial teaching of weak children, backward children and problematic children is done.

(1) Giju Bhai - Indian educationist Giju Bhai was a great educationist. Apart from being an educationist, he was also a writer of Gujarati language.

 He has done remarkable work for the "child-centered" education system. They spread the "child-centered" education system to more and more people. 

Along with this, he wrote many books on this subject. So that people have a good understanding of the "child-centered" education system and make it easy to implement.

Principles of child centered education

(2) Child-centered education - In child-centered education system, teachers are required to have different types of information about the child.

→ Be aware of the behavior of the child.

→ Be aware of the requirements of the child.

→ Be aware of the mental level of the child.

→ In which field is the child interested, that is, if the child is interested in studies, then in which subject is more interested.

 If the child is good at sports, then which sports are more interested.

→ What are the qualifications of a child. The

→ How is the child personality?

Role of psychology in child centered education
The need of psychology is very much in child-centered education. In child-centered learning method, the child's behavior is detected by various experiments of psychology.

 For a teacher in child-centered education - the role of "psychology" is very much considered.

➤ Only through psychology can a teacher find out the problems of a child.

Psychology is also considered essential for teaching remedial.

➤ Through psychology, teachers are able to identify weak and backward children.

Only the bright children can be given the right direction through psychology.

Characteristics of child centered education

➤ Child-centric education system is designed keeping the child in mind.

➤ Child-centric education takes full care of the needs of the child.

➤ Child centric education system is a scientific method.

➤ Child centric education system has proved to be helpful for backward children.

➤ Child centric education system promotes talented children.

➤ Child centric education system is necessary for both child and teacher.

What is the rating

(i) There are two types of evaluation. In this, the teacher evaluates the child in the first assessment, the child evaluates himself in the second evaluation.

(ii) The teacher gets information about what and how much change is to be done in the education system.

(iii) It is through evaluation that a teacher shows how much progress the child has made.

(iv) How much progress has been made in the education of the child in modern child development or psychology and how much success and failure has been achieved, it is also measured by evaluation method.

Based on the above description, we can say that all methods of evaluation are based on the psychology of the child. And by using these methods, there is a big difference in the behavior of children.

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