Child centered education

Child centered education


PART -14

(1) Syllabus -FACT -

→ Under child-centered education, a teacher has to understand what the requirements of the child are, or what kind they are.

→ In child-centered education system, the teacher has to understand that society as well. Where education is being imparted. Also what are the requirements related to education of that society.

→ The child and the society for which the curriculum is being designed are kept in mind while making the child-centered curriculum.

(2) Child Psychology in Child-Centered Education -

→ In child-centered education system - teacher conducts various experiments or research on education. Which fall under "Child - Psychology".

→ Teacher can use child-psychology to maintain discipline and order in the classroom.

→ Child - Psychology helps the teacher to understand the behavior of any child.

→ Teacher can improve relations between himself and the student by understanding child psychology.

→ By child psychology, understanding the needs of the teacher - child. Can work in that regard.

→ By understanding child psychology, the teacher can create a better tomorrow.

(3) Characteristics of child-centered education system -

 All-round development of the child is emphasized under the child-centered education system.

 Under the child-centered education system - the child and his behavior are widely understood.

 Under the child centered education system - the obstacles faced in child education are removed.

➠ In addition - under child-centered education - various types of problems are understood and attempts are made to overcome them.

(4) Various theories and facts related to progressive education or experimental education are as follows.

➨ Progressive education or experimentalist means - "The aim of education is the development of the child's powers."

→ In progressive education, it is an attempt by the teacher to develop a sense of responsibility in the children.

→ The more the human uses "mental-actions", the more it will develop.

→ Human brain has three forms.

 First of which - to think

Second - feeling and third - determination.

→ Progressive education or experimentist - project method, problem - solution method, action - program etc. methods are adopted.

→ According to progressive education or experimental education, teacher is a servant of the society.

→ In this education system - more emphasis is placed on the learning process of the child.

➤ John Divy - He was a psychologist, scholar and philosopher from the United States.

 He has laid more emphasis on adopting progressive or experimental education system for children. John Divi attaches great importance to "teacher". He stressed on teachers to use progressive education.

➤ John Divi - 2 types of elements are considered necessary in progressive education or experimental education.

(i) interest (ii) effort

Explanation - ie - for a teacher or student

^ According to John Dewey - "Teachers are the representatives of God in society."

^ According to John Dewey - "It is very important for education to be practical."

Question and Answer

Question 1 - What is important to keep in mind in modern education system?

Answer: Under the modern education system the following things are taken care of.

→ What are the basic tendencies of the child at the present time and what has been before it.

→ How is the development of the child's momentum - that is, whether the child has developed in an emotional form, or not.

→ Under the modern education system, it is also specially taken care of the source of inspiration of the child.

Question 2 - What is the meaning of the "fundamental instincts" of the child?

Answer - The fundamental attitude of the child means - the child's natural needs or behavior. Which has been developed in a sequence. For example - the struggle for food, clothes, etc. by a human being becomes a fundamental tendency of that human.

According to the above description, we can say that in a child-centered education system, the teacher is required to have knowledge of child psychology. Also, the teacher should give more emphasis on progressive or experimental education. 

So that - a student has easy learning and at the same time he can learn at a fast pace. Under experimental method, teacher can use different tools for experimentation. This method is practical and useful from the present day. Therefore, this method must be used in problem solving for children or to explain it quickly.

→ Click on the link given below for similar child development and education-related fact that is required for teacher examinations. In which you will get all the previous parts and the parts ahead of it. This is important from the point of view of all the factory teacher examinations. 

Along with this, you can also give mock test of child development and education. So that you can know your exam preparation. The link of mock test is also given below.

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