lucent ecology and environment pdf in english

lucent ecology and environment pdf in english

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lucent ecology and environment pdf in english
lucent ecology and environment pdf in english

1- What is reserved forest

Answer - Most of the forests in our country have been declared as "reserved forests". Because reserved forests are very essential for "forest and wildlife" conservation.

2 How much of the "total forest" in India is protected forest?

Answer - 1 / 3rd of "total forest" in India is of "protected forest".

3- What is unclassified forest?

Unclassified Forests ➤ Unclassified Forests are forests that are owned by a community, individual or government.

Question - 4 - What are ferrous metals?

4- Ferrous metals Metals in which iron content is found, ie ferrous metals are those metals which have iron content, such as iron ore, manganese, nickel, cobalt etc.
Question-5 - What are non-ferrous metals?
5 - Metals that do not contain iron content are called non-ferrous metals. Non-ferrous metals are as follows - copper, lead, zinc, bauxide etc.

6-What is precious mineral?

Answer - Precious minerals are minerals that have high value. The value of these minerals is much higher than other minerals. The precious minerals are as follows - gold, silver, platinum etc.
Question - 7 - What is non-metallic mineral?
7 - Non-metallic minerals are as follows - such as - mica, salt, potash, sulfur, lithium, limestone, marble, sandstone etc.

Question - 8 - What is energy mineral?

8 - Energy minerals are minerals in which "energy" comes out - such as - coal, petroleum, natural gas etc.

9 - What is magnetite?

Answer - 9 Magnetite is an iron-ore, which is the best of all iron ores, because it has 70% iron content inside it, and the "magnetic properties" of this iron ore are useful for electrical industries. 4

Q-10 What is Hematite?

10 Hematite iron ore is an "iron ore" containing 50 -60% iron content.

Q-11 What are the uses or uses of manganese?

11-manganese We have different uses of manganese. For example, manganese is used for making bleaching powder, for making pesticides, and for making paints.

Question - 12 - What is asbestos?

12 Asbestos are transparent, black, green, yellow, brown color.

Q 13 - Where is limestone found?

13 - Chuna - Stone is found in rocks made of calcium and magnesium carbonate.

Q What are the traditional means of energy?

14 - Conventional means of energy ➤ Conventional means of energy are the following - such as wood, dung, coal, petroleum, natural gas, electric (hydroelectric and thermal electric) etc.

Q - What is non-conventional means of energy?

15 - Non-conventional means are those means which do not fall under the conventional means, ie those means of obtaining energy which are different from other means like various conventional means (coal, petroleum). Non-conventional means. Non-conventional means of energy are as follows, such as - solar energy, wind energy, tidal energy, geothermal energy, biogas energy, nuclear power etc.

Q - What is the definition of coal?

16 - Definition of coal Coal is formed from millions of years of compression of plant materials.

Q - What is the type of coal?

17 - Coal is of various types. And it has different uses, according to its characteristics. Mainly coal is of the following type.

Q 18 - What is commercial coal?

Answer - Commercial coal is a coal that is used for business. Of these, "Butuminous Coal" is a major commercial coal. Bituminous coal has various characteristics. Which is as follows.

Question - 18 - What is bituminous coal?

18 Bituminous coal is a coal that is found deep inside the earth. Its specialty is that it is affected by high temperature. This coal is more useful for business, it is a high quality coal.

Question - 19 - What is lignite coal?

19 This coal is low grade brown coal. This coal is used in power generation.

Question-20 - What is anthracite coal?

20 - This coal is hard coal with best quality.

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