Human intervention in in natural phenomena

 Human intervention in natural phenomena 

Chapter 17 

Question 1 what is is deforestation? List some of the common effects of deforestation. 

Answer- deforestation refers to the the continual decoration of forest due to natural or human related causes. 

- overgrazing by cattle. 

- feeling of forest for firewood and fore making paper. 

Question 2- difference between afforestation and deforestation? 

- afforestation- large scale planting of sapling is called of afforestation. 

- deforestation- the continuous integration of forest due to natural or human related causes is call deforestation. 

Question 3- list some major consequence of of over- extinction of fossil fuel? 

Answer- the major consequences of over extension of fossil fuel are given below- 

- Exhaustion of existing Reserves. 

- air population. 

-threat to organism. 

Question 4- name any four renewable source of energy? 

Answer- some renewable source of energy are given below. 

- wind energy. 

- hydroelectric energy. 

- nuclear energy 

- solar energy 

Question 5- describe the various uses of forest to human being? 

Answer- forests are a valuable natural resource. Given below are some of the ways in which forests are beneficial to human being and the environment. 

1- forest provide habitat to a large number of plants, animals, birds and insects. 

2- tree release oxygen, which is needed for a a survival. They also so observe carbon dioxide released by animals. thus they help to maintain a balance of these gases. 

3- we obtain useful product such as timber, gum, paper uh M and medicine from forest. 

4- the roots of trees help to hold the soil in place, preventing erosion and landslide. 

5- dead plants and trees decompose to from humus, which help in maintaining soil fertility. 

Question 6- explain the various causes and effects of deforestation? 

Answer- deforestation refers to the the continual degradation of forest. Due to or human- related causes. The main causes of deforestation are as follows. 

- commercial logging to provide wood for furniture, houses, building material, and other commercial product. 

- rapid urbanization resulting in the loss of forest to make way for towns and cities. 

- destruction of forests for conversation to agricultural land. 

- overgrazing wire cattle. 

- destruction of forests for mining of economically important minerals. 

Question 7- deforestation may have many advance effects on the environment, including human beings? 

Answer- the roots of trees hold the soil together. Therefore the loss of forest will cause soil erosion. gradual erosion can cause the soil to loss its fertility, leading to desertification. 

- forests provide homes to many e living organism, hair loss will result the in fraction of the natural habitat of many plants, animals, and birds. 

Question 8- describe some practice that could be e e followed for conserving our forest? 

Answer- here are some practices that could help in conserving our forest. 

- trees should be planted on a large scale on available land. Large scale planting of spelling is called afforestation. When this is done on the deforest lands, it is called eid reforestation. 

- more Forest Reserve and botnical Garden should be established. 

- allowing animals to to graze on the sum patch of land for a a. Time is called overgrazing. Minimising overgrazing will go a long way in preventing farmlands from turning barren. 

- awareness programs could be conducted by school children and various organisation to promote to use our forest resources judicially. Print and television advertisement are also and effective medium. 

Question 9- explain the various consequence of over extension of fossil fuel? 

Answer-  the major consequence of over extension of fossil fuel are given below 

-Exhaustion of exciting deserves- the over extraction of fossil fuel is  slowly depleting. The earth of these resource and energy crisis in the immediate future is a designated possibility e. If the present rate of consumption of fuel is not brought under control. 

- air population- when coal and petroleum products are burnt as fuel they give off carbon dioxide, a Greenhouse gas that leads to global warming. 

They also give of pollutes such as carbon monoxide, nitrogen oxide, sulphur oxide particulate matter such as minerals fly ash and unburnt hydrocarbon that pollute the air. Some of these gases combine with water vapour in the year and from droplets. That fall to the earth. As weak forms of sulfuric and nitric acid, called acid rain . 

-threat to organisms-: Coal contents poisonous metal such as arsenic and mercury, which are dangerous if released into the environment. 

Question 10- describe any four renewable source of energy? 

Answer- wind energy- energy of the wind has been used since ancient time to move ships, pumps water, and grind corn. These days huge wind turbines are used to move move turbines, which drive generator and produce electricity. 

- hydroelectric energy- energy drived from flowing water in water body like rivers is used by dams to drive generator to produce electricity. 

- nuclear energy- this is released by splitting or merging together nuclei of atom. In to produce heat energy, which is used to make steam for driving generator. 

- solar energy- this is utilised with the help of solar panels and solar cells. Solar panels convert Solar energy into heat and light energy, while solar cells convert it to electrical energy.

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