child development and pedagogy notes in english pdf free download

child development and pedagogy notes in english pdf free download

Part - 3

child development and pedagogy notes in english pdf free download

child development and pedagogy notes in english pdf free download

(1) Child development factors - There are different stages and factors of development of a child. 

From which the child "learns". All those factors that affect the development of a child fall under the phase of learning of the child. They are as follows.

(i) Parents - First of all, how are the parents of a child, this is a very important point of view of "development". Because children will be like parents.

meaning -
→ As they would behave. (Indoors and Outside)

→ As they would behave - (towards the child)

→ as will be their language.

→ As will their education.

→ As will be his attitude (towards himself and others)

→ As will their economic status.

All these things have a very profound effect on any "personality of the child". That is, if we leave a few exceptions, the child prepares his point of view to a large extent.

(ii) Environment of the boy's house - How is the atmosphere of the boy's house, it contributes greatly to the development of the child. 

That is, whatever the atmosphere of the boy's house is, the foundation of the child also falls in the same way. 

This influences his overall "personality". And we can easily see the difference or example of this around us.

(iii) The environment outside the house - In the development of the child, what kind of environment is the child getting inside the house or outside the house.

 This is also important in itself. If the child is getting the right environment in the house, but is not getting the right environment outside the house, then this will also affect the development of the child. That is, the development of the child will also be affected by this.

(iv) Genetic cause - "genetic cause" also plays a role in the development of the child. Many psychologists believe that the children of talented parents are also talented. And the children of normal parents are also normal. 

But there is a contradiction among the "psychologists" on this fact. That is to say - we have also seen many examples in which, despite the normalcy of the parents, the child is "talented". 

Notwithstanding the same and "talented" parents - children may be "normal" or even less. There is a contradiction in this fact, but - we see one thing in it, that - in the development of the child - some contribution is also "genetic".

(2) Under child-development and child-psychology, various stages or stages of development of a child are studied. These are the stages that affect the development of a child. That is, all children have to go through these stages of development. According to child development and child psychology, different dimensions of development are as follows.

(i) Physical development of the child.

(ii) Mental development of the child.

(iii) Linguistic development of the child.

(iv) Social development of the child.

(v) The child has "emotional" development.

(vi) The development of the child psychologically.

(i) Physical development of the child - In the physical development of the child, we include both the internal development of the body and the external development of the body. That is, the physical development of a child involves both "external changes" in the body and "internal changes" occurring in the body.

→ Under this the external development of the body or "external change" takes care of the following points.

External development

(i) Increase in the physical proportion of the child. Under this, the external body growth is included in the child's body. We can easily experience the "external changes" occurring in the child's body. - such as - Increase in length of child.

(ii) The cause of "geneticity" also contributes to a large extent in the physical growth and development of the child.

(iii) We can easily see the "external changes" occurring in the child's body.

Internal development

 (i) We cannot see the internal development or change in the child externally. That is, we do not see the "internal development" of the child externally, but internally, his development continues in the child's body.

(2) The mental development of the child - After the birth of the child, the mental abilities of the child grow along with his age. That is, as the child grows old, the child attains greater mental maturity than before.
The following points are taken care of under the mental development of the child.

* Different types of abilities are included in the child's imagination, memory, thinking, observation, problem solving, decision making, etc. That is, the "mental development" of this child includes all these types of abilities.

→ The study of mental development of the child reveals various types of facts. which is like this.

(i) Why is the child mentally weak? What is the reason behind this?

(ii) It would be appropriate to teach children by which method - or reading material or course. It also helps in taking decisions.

(iii) By studying "mental development" of children, we get help in how to prepare a "text book" for children. That means deciding what the textbook format should be.

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