Land, soil, water ,nature, vegetarian and wildlife resources

natural resources land soil and water class 8

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Question number 1- which are the two main climate factors responsible for soil formation? 

Answer- temperature and rainfall are the two main climatic factors responsible for soil formation. 

Question number 2- write any two two reasons for land degradation today? 

Answer- degradation and the discriminate use of chemical pesticides and fertilizers in agricultural land are two factors contributing to land degradation. 

Question 3- why is land considered an important resource ? 

Answer- land is considered as an important it resources as it provides habitation to a wide iD variety of flora and Fauna. Also used by human being for or various purpose such as agriculture, forestry, mining building house and roads and setting up industry etc. 

Question 4- name any two two steps that government has taken to conserve plants and animal? 

Answer - two Steps that the government has taken to  conserve plants and animals. 

1- has set up national parks, wildlife centuries and bio share reserve for protecting natural vegetation and wildlife.for eg: The Kaziranga national Park in Assam. 

2- has banned the killing of lines, tiger, dear, great Indian Bustard and peacocks. It International agreement c i t e s. 

Question 5- suggest three ways to conserve water? 

Answer three ways to tu to conserve water are: 

1- rainwater harvesting. 

2- living irrigation channels to avoid seepage of water. 

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