save environment essay 100 words

save environment essay 100 words

save environment essay 100 words
save environment essay 100 words


Question 1 - What is Boiling Point?

Answer - 1 The temperature of atmospheric pressure at which the fluid "boils". , Then it is called the boiling point of that fluid.

Question 2 - What is humidity?

Answer: The amount of water vapor present in air is called "humidity".

Question 3 - What is secret heat?

Answer -  latent heat गुप्त The latent heat of evaporation is the amount of heat used to change 1 kg of fluid to atmospheric pressure and the gaseous state at the boiling point of a fluid.

Q-4 Which acid is found in acid rain?

Answer -  acid rain ➤ "Nitrous acid" is mainly present in acid rain.

Question 5 - What are Hydrophytes?
Answer -  Hydrophytes ➤ Hydrophytes are a "marine organism".

Question-6 - What is Himani?

Answer -  - Himani "There is a river of frozen ice on the mountains.

Q-7 What is erosion?

Answer- - Whenever the landscape is decayed by various components like water, wind and snow, we call it "erosion".

Question-8 - What are big tides, when are they formed?

Answer  - On the days of full moon and moon moon when the sun, moon and earth are in a straight line, in such a situation the highest "tides" arise. Such tides are called "great tides".

Question-9 - What is the function of potassium permanganate?

Answer  - Potassium permanganate makes water free of germs.

Question 10 - How is the water of the Dead Sea?

Answer  - Dead Sea water is much more salty than all the others - oceans and seas.

Question-11 - What is the meaning of National Highway?

Answer  - The roads connecting the state capital to the district headquarters are called "National State Highways". The National Highway is maintained by the "Central Public Works Department" (CPWD).

Question-12 - Which are the important ports of the continent of Asia? Name it

Answer -  - The important ports of the continent of Asia are "Singapore and Mumbai".

Question 13 - Which are the important ports of the continent of Africa?

Answer  - Africa is the two major important ports of the continent.

 (i) Durban

(ii) Cape Town

Question 14 - Which is the important port of Australia?

Answer - Australia's important port - "Sydney".

Question 15 - What is the status of "Carbon - Manoxide" amount in CNG?

Answer -  - C.N.G. In "carbon manoxide" is found in very working quantities.

Question 16 - Waterway transport is what kind of means from "economic view"?

Answer  - Waterway transport is economically a "cheap" means of transportation.

Question 17 - What is a substance?

Answer -  - Any object in the world that surrounds a place and has a mass, we call it "matter".

Question 18 - According to Indian philosophers what is matter?

Answer -  - According to Indian philosophers, there are five elements in matter. That is, matter is made up of these five elements. Which is as follows - Air, Earth, Fire, Water, Sky etc.

Question-19 - What is the solid state of matter? Understand with examples?

Answer - - The solid state of matter is firm. That is, matter breaks down in it but its shape does not change. Such as - brick, stone, wood, snow etc. are examples of this.

Question-20 - What is the "Bose - Einstein-condensant" theory of matter and who discovered the fifth state of matter?

Answer - - In 1920, Indian physical scientist "Satyendranath Bose" calculated the fifth state of matter. Based on those calculations, "Albert Einstein" predicted a new state of matter, called "Bose - Einstein - Condensate" (BEC).

Bose - Einstein - Condensate Nobel Prize

Then in 2001, America's "Erica • Cornell" and Ulfgeng Ketterley and "Carl • I • Waiman" were awarded the "Nobel Prize" in Physics for achieving the status of "Bose -instein - Condensate".

Question 21 - What is Community Ecology?

Answer - Under community ecology, the mutual and their lives are studied between the species of plants and various species of animals.

Question-22 - Who is studied under animal ecology?

Answer -  - Under animal ecology, the relationship between different animals and their environment is studied.

Question-23 - Who is studied under Housing Ecology?

Answer  - Habitat of the living organisms of different regions under ecology is studied along with their environmental perspective.

Question 24 - What is melting point?

Answer  - The temperature at which solid material melts and converts into liquid. That is the "melting point" of that substance.

Question 25 - What is an uplift?

Answer - The process of changing from solid state to gas state and back to solid state without changing into liquid state is called "uplift".

Question-26 - Who is the distributor?

Answer -  - The speed of the water of the river when reaching the sea slows down and the river gets divided into many streams and subsections. These streams of the river are called "distributaries".

Question - 27 - Who is called Samudra Bhrigu?

Answer -  - The elevated vertical shores of "vertical" above seawater are called "Sea Bhrigu".

Question - 28 - How does acid rain occur?

Answer -  - "Acid rain" is caused by "nitrous oxide" and "carbon dioxide" present in the environment.

Question - 29 - What is the road density?

Answer -  - Road density per 100 sq. Km. The length of roads in the area of ​​is called.

Question - 30 - Which are the important ports of North America?

Answer - 31 - North America has two important ports.

(i) New York (ii) Los Angeles

Question - 32 - Which is the important port of Europe?

Answer  - The important port of Europe is "London".

Question - 33 - What is diffusion?

Answer -- The mixing of particles of two substances on their own is called diffusion.

Question - 34 - How many states of matter are there?

Answer -  - There are three states of matter. Solid, Fluid and Gas.

Question - 35 - What is a fluid state?

Answer -  - The fluid state of matter is a state in which the substance has no volume. They are also called liquids. Such as -, water, milk, oil etc.

Question 36- What does the gas state of a substance mean or what is the gas state of a substance?

Answer -  - The size and volume of a substance remains "uncertain" in the gas state. Such as - air, hydrogen etc.

Note ➤ Only water is found in all three states of matter.

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