environment and ecology

Environment and Ecology


Question-1 - Explain the meaning of the environment and its characteristics? or How does the environment differ?

Answer - 1 - The word environment is derived from the English word "ENVIRONMENT". In simple words, it means that all the things that come under the environment are directly surrounded by a place.

As we know, man is completely influenced by the environment around him, and he also influences his environment.

The composition of our environment is especially important for air, water, soil, plants, animals etc. Because without them we can't even imagine our surroundings.

According to dr. Deris - "With regard to man, the geographical environment refers to all the physical forms scattered over the earth or man, the forms in which he lives, which influence his habits and actions."

According to Sorokin - "The geographical environment refers to conditions that are completely independent or separate from human actions, in other words that are not made by humans and that change automatically."

(ii) The environment is of the following two types.

(1) Natural environment (2) Biological environment

(1) Natural environment - Physical environment refers to an environment that includes all the elements that have a direct impact on humans. Such as sun, earth, air, water, fire and all its activities, which have direct and indirect consequences for man.

In which - different types of actions are included under the sun's heat, the earth's movements, gravity, volcanoes, etc.

(ii) Biological environment - Biological environment is an environment that includes the environment around humans. Animals, flora and humans are included. In nature, the environment in which humans and other living animals live with a mutual connection or harmony, they all fall under the 'biological environment'.

Question-2 - What steps should be taken to raise public awareness in society for the environment? Give your suggestions.

 Answer - 2- When it comes to the environment, if we want to raise public awareness in our society, then it is very important to look at the environment and various aspects. As long as we do not focus on the issues that are detrimental to our environment or that are detrimental to our environment, we will not understand the total challenges of it.

As we know today, the problems associated with the environment in the world have taken on a formidable form. There are many reasons for this, but today we discuss all the reasons that are most important.

(i) Population growth - Population growth has become a major problem today. As a result, while the availability of resources per person on the one hand, on the other hand, there is a direct or indirect effect on nature. Increasing population is not only a natural problem, but also - economic problem, social problems have also become.

(ii) Low availability of natural resources - As we know, the availability of natural resources on our earth is limited or less. If we do not use these resources according to their available quantity and according to our selfish needs, these resources will soon be exhausted, to which we have already moved a lot.

 We use nature constantly, day in and day out, because we are motivated by its rapid profits, not by its far-reaching consequences. If this trend continues, the day is not over that the existence of all of human civilization will be in danger.

(2) Next steps must be taken to raise public awareness in society for the environment.

  - To raise public awareness in the area, different types of visual and audio sources must be used.

 Such as - TV, radio, video, audio, internet, social networking sites and applications, YouTube, slides, theater programs, conferences, etc. Can be done in different ways.

We can use different types of instruments below, and the need is: how effective are our efforts.

The society in which we use these tools, whether effective for society or not, is also very important.

With the author's pen ✎ - Population growth has become a major problem for the world and India, taking on a huge shape day in and day out. Through which we invite different kinds of economic, social and environmental problems. . Even though we are working on "one child policy", the matter has gone much further. In other words, it is such a high-speed vehicle that even if the brakes are applied now, no one knows how many decades this vehicle will stop.

But it is the thought that why no concrete steps have been taken in this country so far.

Ecology and Environment - "ALL PARTS"

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